Why You Need To Consider Surveys in Your Market Research

Providers of sophisticated Survey Programming usually offer survey solutions for every type of survey research that has been conducted, from online and paper to phone and, more recently, mobile.

And with customer surveys, the data collected and analyzed can help inform corporate and marketing strategy and customer service delivery and provide insight into your company’s products and services.

However, it’s essential to weigh the potential benefits of surveys against the potential drawbacks to avoid the pitfalls and capitalize on the opportunities presented.

Advantages of surveys

Surveys benefit you in the following ways:

Fast and Easy Data Collection 

Multiple methods exist for distributing surveys to participants. The surveys can be faxed, emailed, or given online with no effort on your part. Online Panel Sampling has become the most common approach to collecting responses from participants. 

In addition to the ease with which data may be collected, researchers now have access to participants from all over the world.


Price tags for surveys are typically low. The cost per respondent is relatively low for online surveys, especially on mobile devices. 

The number of possible replies can be in the thousands. Even if incentives are offered to responders, the expense per response is often significantly less than the cost of executing a survey questionnaire or phone poll.


Surveys can be delivered in various formats, including online, by email or social media, on paper, via mobile device or telephone, or even in person.

However, using a combination of survey methods may be required when trying to obtain data from people who are hard to reach. So, in that case, you can use both paper and online surveys to aid in collecting and compiling your results. 

Excellent Tool for Eliciting Qualitative Responses

A questionnaire is often the only viable option for eliciting valuable qualitative (textual) input from your market. It is helpful to ask them free-form questions to learn more about how customers feel about various facets of the company.

This qualitative information will help you comprehend the respondent’s perspective and the adjustments they may suggest for your company’s growth. 

It’s Ideal for Gauging Customer Feelings

Surveys are the most effective method for gathering customers’ qualitative feedback.

They provide a great way to learn more about your customers’ emotional connection with your brand and product, including which aspects and features they find most appealing and which they find most frustrating.

While using surveys in your research, you must, however, watch out for:

Possibly Inappropriate Queries:

Standardization is an essential part of survey design, and researchers tend to formulate broad questions to apply to everyone. However, not everyone may find these general topics as relevant to them as they could be.

Inadequate for Debatable Subjects:

Participants’ recollection of relevant material may be impaired when asked contentious questions. And it’s possible that this kind of data collection can’t uncover the truth underlying these controversies.

Surveys may also be prone to unintentional biases and incorrect conclusions, especially when surveys are poorly designed. Therefore, consult Paid Survey Panels to help you design and execute a proper survey that addresses your business concerns. 


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