The Fundamental Tips to Consider When Choosing an Online Panel

Traditional market research methods, such as telephone calls, are costly and too time-consuming for many businesses. With an Online Panel, surveys can be completed quickly and easily, helping you collect data in little time. An online panel consists of people who share are profiled and can be targeted for online surveys. Panelists agree to complete surveys in exchange for monetary incentives. 

Online panels help business owners discover the needs, desires, and preferences of their target audience. To qualify respondents to participate in surveys, online panel companies collect personal information from each respondent. This information is used to categorize panelists by behavioral traits and demographic factors such as gender and occupation. The online survey panel companies then send surveys to panelists within a targeted segment. 

When choosing the Panel Provider to work with, you should consider the points below to ensure you’re making the right decision. 

Ensure the Panel Provide Offers Transparent Data

You should work with a panel company who will ensure your survey has qualifying questions so you have the data you need to peform analysis. All desired data points should be included in the survey. Having access to data can make it easy for you to improve your study for future iterations and functions. 

Consider the Provider’s Procedures

It is vital to understand how the provider delivers their sample. The company’s method of delivering sample can tell you how much control you will have over your sample recruitment. If the company offers a self-service sampling option, it means you can access the platform to specify the participants you need for your survey. The DIY method however can be time-consuming. Many DIY platforms also do not offer advanced targeting. You should also consider if the provider allows buyers to control the composition of the sample. 

Using a single source for sample can lead to bias, depending on the target and the objective of the study. Different sources, however, can result in a diverse perspective. Lastly, you should consider how the provider makes sure the sample meets your requirement. By understanding the procedure, the provider follows and the constraints in providing the sample, you can establish if the sample meets your standards.  

Consider the Sample Management

The sample management will give you insight into the processes undertaken by the provider to provide a sample of trusted and loyal participants for your project. A company that offers you pre-existing verified profile can help improve efficiency in targeting an audience. This helps you know what biases may happen due to the questions asked to gather information. People may agree or disagree with participating in the Survey Panels based on the information provided by the sample provider. 

This may also lead to biases in the survey. 

Consider the Data Quality

Checking the data quality will give you an idea of the data validity, data health, and participant characteristics. When doing your research, consider how the provider verifies the identity of participants. Consider the steps the company takes to ascertain that the participants are actual people and that their emails have not been hacked. In addition, ask how the B2B Panel Company guarantees that the respondent is not a bot or that the account is not a duplicate. 

You should also be keen on how the panel provider ensures data protection. Consider working with a provider that takes data protection seriously. Such a provider has detailed information on security requirements imposed to maintain compliance with data protection laws. Working with such a provider ensures that you are in compliance with the law as well. 

Ask for Proof of Success

Before you hire a panel provider, ask them to show you previous results of their work. Even if the company’s results are not available to the public, the provider should show you anonymized examples of how former clients have benefited from their services. This will help you understand if the company can meet your specific requirements or not. 

Consider if You Can Ask Follow-Up Questions

You may receive an insightful response, and you want clarification on that response. Before you hire a panel provider, ask them if they have a system to identify panelists and get into a future contract. Such a company should inform the panelists that there is a possibility of a follow-up in advance. If the panelists agreed before signing the contract, this means you can easily access them if you have any follow-up questions.