Omnibus & Quick Polls

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to gather data without having to commit to a full-scale research project, an omnibus, or quick poll, is an efficient tool to help your business collect vital information in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

A survey respondent participates in an omnibus study on a laptop.

Slice MR offers quick poll research studies so you can simplify your efforts and gain valuable insights. Our full-service online market research company specializes in providing you with the best solutions to gather precise and accurate data. Our online panels and wide range of audiences can help you inform critical business decisions. Learn more about revolutionizing your data collection process with quick polls below.

Utilizing an Omnibus Survey

An omnibus study is a type of market research survey that serves multiple clients or research objectives simultaneously. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses, organizations, and researchers to gather data on specific questions or topics without commissioning a dedicated, full-scale research project. With this type of survey project, you can expect quick responses that save both time and cost.

The study combines multiple questions in one comprehensive questionnaire, employing the best practices in survey design and utilizing a variety of question types to enhance respondent understanding.

The Purpose of an Omnibus Survey

Unlike traditional research projects that gather data from a specific target audience, a quick poll survey gathers data from a diverse group of individuals for the purpose of quick and effective market research. This allows multiple clients to also share the cost of conducting a survey, saving resources and helping achieve greater efficiency as a whole. Data on a wide variety of subjects is typically collected within the same interview or poll. Different companies contract a limited number of questions and take advantage of the data from a shared sample.

Benefits of Omnibus Studies

Omnibus studies offer several benefits in the realm of market research and data analysis. Below, you’ll find some of the main advantages of opting for these polls instead of traditional research projects.


One key advantage of this type of project is its cost-effectiveness. Conducting individual surveys and studies can become expensive over time. By including multiple research questions within one survey, this reduces the overall cost of collecting data. The cost of screening respondents is also shared among multiple clients. This is an attractive option for research clients who have a limited budget but are still looking to gather valuable data. It’s a valuable tool that benefits both research clients and the broader business community thanks to the ability to gather data in a single study.

Quick Results

These surveys are quick to field, which makes it easier to receive poll results. Businesses can utilize multiple-choice questions or open-ended formats, offering flexibility to gather insights. These are excellent tools for gathering real-time opinions and feedback as opposed to traditional surveys that may span a longer period of time. The quickness of results can also ensure better accuracy and reliability for data that may be more time-sensitive. Capturing immediate user feedback and garnering quick results can help businesses drive growth based on respondents’ preferences.


Omnibus studies run every week or every few weeks compared to research projects that may span several months and years. This can provide clients with more up-to-date information for better strategic planning. If a business is looking to take advantage of quicker data analysis, then this may very well be a better option than surveys that are conducted on an annual basis. Utilizing a larger sample size also allows businesses and clients to identify and analyze market segments more efficiently. The ability to collect high-quality data from various sources results in more valuable insights in a timely manner.

Better Decision-Making

The broad range of questions in a quick poll survey allows for better cross-analysis and the identification of correlations that may not be as apparent in a single-client survey. This comprehensive approach allows for a deeper understanding of consumer behaviors, preferences, and trends. For businesses, this means gaining insights into a wider range of factors that may impact their target market, enabling them to make more informed decisions and drive better outcomes. Overall, clients can benefit from the broader insights provided by the aggregate data and are able to make better business decisions.

How an Omnibus Survey Works

An open laptop displaying data from an omnibus study.

As we’ve mentioned, an omnibus survey is a comprehensive market research survey that covers various topics in order to collect data from a large and diverse sample. It’s conducted by a research firm like Slice MR, serving as a cost-effective solution to send out a questionnaire and gather data on consumer behavior, opinions, beliefs, and preferences. The process of conducting this survey for a large audience involves several steps.

First, the research client has to determine their specific audience as well as their desired research objectives. Keep in mind that this is typically a large audience compared to that of a single survey conducted by a single client. The client’s objectives are then used to formulate survey questions and identify the key market segments that need to be analyzed.

The survey company will then collect data through online surveys or telephone interviews. Instead of having separate surveys covering one topic each, a quick poll covers a variety of topics. This is what leads to large cost savings.

Once the data collection is complete and the survey results are gathered, the survey company will then perform an analysis using statistical techniques. The analysis will involve extracting meaningful insights, identifying trends, and helping the client make informed decisions. The timeliness also provides an advantage because it allows organizations to gather real-time, reliable data and then react quickly.

As you can see, it’s a great alternative to conducting independent research studies. More importantly, it can cover multiple research objectives. If you’re in search of a survey company to assist you with your next project, then look no further than Slice MR.

Choosing Slice MR for Your Omnibus Study

When it comes to conducting an omnibus study, choosing Slice MR helps you make the most of your data. We provide comprehensive services to collect valuable market research data efficiently and effectively. When you opt for our quick poll services, you’ll have access to the following offerings:


When you choose Slice MR for your polls, you’ll receive the following deliverables:

  • Full report link
  • Raw data files
  • Banner tables (for an extra charge)


The following demographics are always included in census quotas:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Region

These demographics are optional to include with no quotas:

  • Education
  • Income
  • Ethnicity

Tier Pricing

Our pricing is based on the number of questions used for polling:

  • 1-3 questions
  • 4-6 questions
  • 7-10 questions

Feel free to contact our sales team to request a quote. They’ll provide you with more information about our online panels and market research services. Consumer or business-to-business (B2B) studies are also available upon request.

High-Quality Data You Can Count On

Slice MR provides businesses with the flexibility to ask the right questions and collect insightful data. More importantly, our data analysis tools and features enable you to make the most of your survey results. We offer a wide range of test procedures and question types, allowing you to customize your omnibus surveys to suit your specific research needs. Whether you’re interested in gathering data on consumer preferences, market segments, or even superstitious beliefs, our team enables you to make well-informed decisions based on reliable market research. From generating comprehensive reports to providing you access to raw data files, we make it easy for your business to analyze and interpret the findings.

Our services not only save you time but also inform your business decision-making process in ways that traditional surveys may not. Here, you can expect timely and cost-effective data collection as well as powerful data analysis capabilities from a team with decades of experience in the industry. There’s a reason why we’re a trusted name among businesses across the globe.

With our robust network of panelists and reach in over 30 countries, we’re capable of finding survey respondents that help ensure the accuracy and reliability of data. And we’ll work closely with you to pinpoint your exact demographic and geographic profiles to curate a targeted pool of candidates for your poll questions.

Omnibus Research

Altogether, if you’re in need of cost-effective and fast market research, this method is definitely worth considering. By taking advantage of low costs and utilizing a pre-existing panel of respondents, you can gather valuable insights within a limited budget and timeframe. So, don’t wait. Start harnessing the power of the omnibus study to take advantage of informed decision-making for your business with the help of Slice MR. Our market research services excel in global quantitative data collection solutions. Request a quote from our knowledgeable team and start driving your business forward today.