Market Research Services

We build surveys, collect respondents, and process data.

Full-Service Suite

Our veteran team accompanies clients through survey optimization, programming, testing, data collection, and final data processing.

The customer experience at Slice MR is in a class above the rest. We’re fast, accurate, and understand how to insert value with questionnaires.

With powerful tools we can program advanced question types such as conjoint, MaxDiff, videos, images, and advanced highlighters.

Using an integrated approach, we leverage multiple programming and data processing platforms, including:

Q One
SPSS Statistics

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Clients always receive a live report link and raw data files in SPSS or Excel. Additional services include key finding research reports, cross-tabs (banners), open-end coding, translations, and statistical analyses crafted into meaningful PowerPoint presentations.

Our legacy software licenses coupled with 100+ years of collective experience creates efficiencies that save you costs.

Survey Recruitment

Got a programmed survey? Get access to our vast global market research panels and API networks ready to participate in consumer, B2B, and healthcare related surveys.

Our superior insights come from expert recruitment methods, robust panel management techniques, and detailed security protocols.

Client Email List Management

Slice MR is uniquely positioned to manage emailing and reward processing for client-supplied customer email lists.

We understand CAN-SPAM compliance and have an unrivaled ability to maximize delivery of commercial emails.

Designed to perfection, our invitation template streamlines client involvement, creating a simplified workflow to an otherwise intricate process. 

Our Services

Survey Recruitment
Survey Programming
Questionnaire Design
Project Management
Cross-tabs / Banner Tables
Conjoints & MaxDiff
Translation Services
Open End Coding
Advanced Statistical Analysis
Data Weighting
Raw Data Processing
Client Email List Management
Turf Analysis
Live Topline Reporting
Key Finding Research Reports
PowerPoint Charting
Reward Processing
Omnibus & Quick Polls
CAPI Surveys
Mobile Optimized Surveys

Slice MR is a premium, full-service online market research company that excels in global quantitative data collection solutions.