Market Research Services

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to collect data from their customers or target audience to make well-informed decisions. Our market research services help gather valuable insights from people who matter to your business. We can help build surveys, collect respondents, and process data to provide actionable insights.

Slice MR professionals conducting accurate and insightful market research.

Full-Service Suite

Our veteran team accompanies clients through survey optimization, programming, testing, data collection, and final data processing.

In today’s data-driven world, businesses constantly require insights into the minds of consumers and potential audiences. Market research and surveys are the primary tools used by businesses and organizations to gather such data.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is fast, accurate, and understands how to insert value with questionnaires. We provide exceptional value to the customer experience by reaching any target market with surveys and questionnaires in an effort to better understand customers’ needs and preferences. This level of expertise allows us to help clients conduct effective market research to ensure accurate, reliable data collection.

With powerful tools in place, we can now use advanced question types such as conjoint, MaxDiff, videos, images, and advanced highlighters. These tools allow us to create visually appealing and engaging surveys that help in conducting primary research and collecting accurate data.
Using an integrated approach, we leverage multiple programming and data processing platforms, including:

Q One
SPSS Statistics

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

At our company, we believe in providing our clients with the most advanced tools and resources for exploring market opportunities. That’s why we offer advanced reporting and analysis services that are second to none in the industry.

Our survey data collection and reporting services include live report links and raw data files, delivered in SPSS or Excel formats for maximum accessibility and ease of use. We also offer key-finding research reports, cross-tabs (banners), open-end coding, translations, and statistical analyses crafted into meaningful PowerPoint presentations. With our market research services, our clients can make informed decisions and adjust their competitive strategies as needed to achieve their goals.

An illustration representing fast and accurate data reporting.

Our legacy software licenses, coupled with 100+ years of collective experience, create efficiencies that save you costs.

Survey Recruitment

Got a programmed survey? Get access to our vast global market research panels and API networks ready to participate in consumer, B2B, and healthcare-related surveys.

The superior quality and accuracy of our insights come from expert recruitment methods and robust panel management techniques. We take pride in recruiting highly engaged participants who are willing to provide thoughtful and honest responses to your survey questions. Additionally, our detailed security protocols ensure your data is kept safe and confidential.

A team member helps manage a large amount of data on email lists.

Client Email List Management

Slice MR is equipped to handle emailing and reward processing for client-supplied customer email lists. Managing emailing and reward processing for a customer email list can be a time-consuming and tedious task.

Slice MR is uniquely positioned to manage emailing and reward processing for client-supplied customer email lists. We understand CAN-SPAM compliance and have an unrivaled ability to maximize the delivery of emails.

We are able to supply clients with unique links to be sent out by clients to their email lists. Our team can also send emails on behalf of clients. Our invitation templates streamline client involvement in our data collection services, creating a simplified workflow for an otherwise intricate process.

Our Services

A technician creates targeted content to recruit survey respondents.
Survey Recruitment
Specialized software is used to create digital surveys that collect qualitative data.
Survey Programming
Survey data is gathered through an engaging questionnaire design that incorporates various types of questions and data.
Questionnaire Design
Team members work together to manage numerous projects.
Project Management
A technician uses cross tabs and banner tables for data analysis, research studies, and surveys.
Cross-tabs / Banner Tables
A technician uses Conjoint analysis and MaxDiff in market research to understand consumer preferences and behavior.
Conjoints & MaxDiff
A variety of languages are translated to ensure quality data collection.
Translation Services
Open-ended coding is a qualitative research technique that involves analyzing data without predetermined categories.
Open End Coding
Technicians use sophisticated statistical models and methods to extract insights from datasets.
Advanced Statistical Analysis
Data weighting is a statistical technique used to adjust the contribution of different observations in data to reflect importance.
Data Weighting
Raw data being processed, which involves collecting, cleaning, and organizing data to prepare it for further analysis.
Raw Data Processing
An email server image showcasing the process of organizing and maintaining an email list for a business or organization.
Client Email List Management
A computer shows Turf analysis used as a way to identify overlaps in target audiences across different categories.
Turf Analysis
An image of live topline reporting showing ongoing updates and analysis of key performance indicators.
Live Topline Reporting
A technician provides a key finding research report to summarize a research study in a concise, informative manner.
Key Finding Research Reports
Kano Model Analysis
An image representing reward processing that involves analysis of positive incentives that drive behaviors from various sources.
Reward Processing
A respondent answers questions in a survey research project.
Omnibus & Quick Polls
A respondent answers questions from a CAPI survey designed for electronic devices.
IHUT Studies
A respondent answers questions from an online survey designed to be accessible and interactive on mobile devices.
Mobile Optimized Surveys