Why Clients Choose Us

Our clients, our approach.

Our client base consists of market research firms, consultancies, Fortune 1000 corporations, advertising and design agencies, universities, and global communications or PR companies.

Clients choose Slice MR because we’re easy to work with and trusted to get the work done. Our process simplifies the complexities researchers face on each project.

Curating a truly exceptional customer experience starts with listening to and understanding the client’s challenge.

After listening, our veteran team is equipped to send clients down a premium research journey.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” – Albert Einstein

We work hard.

In tune with the industry’s toughest demands, our passionate and experienced team has solutions for quality control, weekend coverage, and projects in need of expedition.

We’re efficient.

Time is money and we save both for our clients by focussing on the most important drivers of success.

We build partnerships.

Approachable and easy, we foster long-term partnerships allowing more flexibility.

We have advanced capabilities.

Our technology stack and the personnel operating our systems are second to none. 

We focus on consistency:

Our dedicated account teams for every client are like fine wine: we get better each time and build upon prior learnings.

Management is present.

Senior staff are committed on high-touch projects to provide unwavering guidance. 

In an industry focused on incidence rates, Slice MR stands out for their relentless focus on quality. Quality in personnel and the connections they foster. Quality in the care they deploy in execution, acting as an extension of our team, pushing beyond blindly programming and serving as a partner to elevate the product. And Quality

Founding Partner, Global Research Boutique 

I am impressed with how you have been able to target specific groups to fill those last pockets of respondents. Much better than other vendors that I have

Owner, Consulting Insights

Open-end comments are tough for online surveys, but the answers for an online survey with Slice were detailed, clear and relevant to current trends. Slice definitely knows how to recruit the right professionals

Director, Research Partner