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Through online surveys our panelists are given a paid voice to help shape future products and services for the world’s largest brands.

Registration is free and only takes a few minutes.

How it Works

1. Sign Up

Fill out a short demographic profile survey and confirm your email address. 

We’ll confirm your membership and send login details. 

Access your account through our website or your membership login portal.

2. Take Surveys

Check your email or sign in to start seeing paid survey opportunities. 

We regularly send survey invitations based on your profile. You can participate as much as you like!

Most surveys take 5 – 20 minutes to complete.

3. Get Paid

Depending on survey length and audience criteria you’ll earn $2 – $50 per completed survey.

Cash out with a Tango Gift Card!

Participate whenever you want and earn extra cash. You can choose to be part of the study if it’s convenient for you!

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The incentives are better than anywhere else! I save them up and let my granddaughters pick out a toy.

I enjoy being in the know on what businesses are coming out with and I like offering my own opinion on new things.

I love having the ability to give consulting advice based on my 25 years of experience.

The Slice panel makes it easy to share my opinion while making a few bucks.


About the Money

Payment Processing Dates

Slice MR Members can withdraw their incentives anytime from their Member Dashboard as long as their current balance exceeds $20. You will receive a Dashboard login once you join the Panel, and all incentives will be released to your Account. Once you request a payment, it is usually processed within 3-7 days. As a reminder, you can access the Member Dashboard login page by clicking here.

Payment Options

Slice MR currently offers Members payment by Tango Card. 

No Processing Charges

Slice MR does not charge Members any fees for processing payments. All incentives that have been released to your account are available to be withdrawn as soon as you reach the $20 thresh-hold. 


There is no maximum amount Members can earn; however, Slice MR is limited by the tax regulations in your country. Due to IRS regulations in the US, once a US Member has earned $600 in annual income, Slice MR cannot pay additional funds until a Social Security number has been provided by the Member.

At that point, Slice MR is required by law to provide an IRS Form 1099 for a Member’s annual tax filing. Until a Social Security number is on file, no money greater than $600 earned by a Member can be paid.

Please see the Tax Regulations for your specific country.


One hundred percent of the money a Member earns through Slice MR activities is taxable. When total earnings from Slice MR activities approach $600 in a calendar year, US federal law requires that each Member provide their Social Security number so their income can be reported via IRS Form 1099. Until a Social Security number is on file, no money greater than $600 earned by a Member can be paid.

Please see the Tax Regulations for your specific country.

Why haven't I received credit for completing a survey yet? 

Our clients typically need 3-4 weeks to review collected survey data and provide final IDs for processing. If you provided sensible survey responses and landed on a ‘Completed’ survey page, you can expect your earnings to be credited shortly. Please reach out to should you have any specific questions or concerns. 

Will I get paid? If so, when? 

Slice MR issues payments to your Member Dashboard Account. Once you have accumulated at least $20 in funds, you can withdraw them by logging in to your Account and requesting a withdrawal via a Tango Gift Card. We do need a few days to process your withdrawal request, and you should have your gift card available within a week of sending it to processing. 

Why didn’t I receive payment for taking a survey? 

You must complete the survey and land on the “Survey Completed” page to be eligible to get your incentive payment. However, we do a thorough quality control and monitor the data to ensure that we have a high standard of responses. If we have doubts about your answers, you will be removed from the study.

Some of the quality controls are removing Members that have not been reading the questions are choosing random options to advance; those that have completed the survey in a run-time that is not possible for the length of the survey; and gibberish answers that are not answering the questions. If we find that there is a history of Quality Control issues, you will be removed from the Panel.

Questions About Your Account  

How do I login?

Existing Members can access the Member Dashboard login page by clicking here.

During signup you should have received login credentials. If you forgot your password, on the login page click ‘Forgot Password’.

How do I change my email address?

Members have the option to change their email address once signed in to your Member Dashboard. Simply navigate to Your Account > Your Log in Information. When changing your email address, you will receive an email from us to confirm that the new email address is yours. If your email address is not confirmed we can't invite you to studies and we can't pay out incentives. Please always make sure to confirm your email address after changing.

How do I change my password? 

Members have the option to change their password once signed in to your Member Dashboard. Simply navigate to your Account > Your Log in Information. 

How do I edit my profile information?

Members have the option to change their password once signed in to your Member Dashboard. Simply navigate to your Account > Your Panel Information. 

How do I close my account? 

Members have the option to delete their account once signed in to your Member Dashboard. To close your account, please click “Delete your account” under the “Account” tab. This will remove all of your personal and account information from our system, except any tax information required by law.   

Can I register more than once? 

No, Slice MR only allows one account per person. 

Privacy and Security

How is my data stored? 

Slice MR utilizes AWS to store personal and survey data in two physically separate, secure servers, denying client or third-party access to individual member data. Slice MR also assigns non-traceable usernames to all surveys submitted to clients, thereby protecting personal identity. Finally, when members terminate their accounts, Slice MR wipes all personal, demographic, and member information from our database (except for information required by law).  

A panel member has access to all panel member pages like dashboard and panel member account. They can only access/edit their own panel data and nothing else. 

Is my data shared with anyone else? 

Only non-identifiable information will be shared - any answers you provide to survey questions that we collect will be shared anonymously and in aggregate.

Pages Displayed at the End of Surveys

What does "Terminate" mean? 

The surveys you receive are usually looking for the specific opinions of a very specific group of Members. If the qualifying criteria is not completely known or profiled for on our Panel, Members are asked specific questions at the start of a survey to make sure the survey it is relevant to you. If it isn't you may be 'terminated' or get a message that you haven't qualified for the survey.

What does “Survey Closed” mean? 

If you receive the message “Survey Closed” this means the survey has enough responses within a certain target group or the project has been completed.

We encourage Members to answer at their earliest opportunity to increase the potential to enter and complete the survey before its completion.

What does "Quota Full" mean?

If you land on our “Quota Full” page, the survey is likely already full of respondents within the same target range. 

This can either be before the start of a survey, which is typically indicated as closed, or sometimes in the early part of a survey where certain targets within the survey becomes filled. 

This varies at the rate any given survey is responded to and the overall amount of responses needed by different members to fill a quota. We encourage Panel Members to answer at their soonest possible opportunity.

Surveys that you receive a “Quota Full” message for do not count as completed surveys and no rewards are earned. The information gathered is not used.

Why am I receiving an “Error Page” at the end of a survey? 

If you receive an error message at the end of a survey, please reach out to There could be a programming error within the survey.

Survey Participation 

How often do I need to participate? 

Members can participate whenever they want. There are no minimum or maximum participation restrictions. We appreciate your active engagement in our market research Panel. 

Why am I not getting invited to take surveys? 

Using your demographic profile, the Slice MR team will send survey invites based on the targeting clients require for each project. Subject matter varies each month. Please stay patient and keep an eye out for invitations from Filling out a complete demographic profile and keeping it up-to-date provides the best chance to receive numerous opportunities.

Common Questions 

Does Slice MR have a referral program?

Yes. Members and non-Members can invite their friends using this link.

How do I provide other feedback for Slice MR? 

Slice MR greatly appreciates feedback from all its Members. To offer your insights or suggestions, please email us at 

Slice MR is a premium, full-service online market research company that excels in global quantitative data collection solutions.