How to Leverage Online Survey Panels

In the past, market researchers depended on phone surveys and mall intercepts, which were quite expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, advanced technology has made market research more affordable and efficient. That means you can work with Quantitative Research Providers to set up your survey, obtain responses, and collect important data quickly.

It’s also possible to leverage online surveys to ensure you’re doing the right thing and getting the best value for your investment. In this post, Slice MR shares some tips that can help you in your market research survey efforts.

Target the Right Respondents

Targeting the right audience is an essential factor when it comes to online survey panels. Millions of research respondents may be part of online panels, but not all have helpful opinions about your brand. Therefore, you must hone in on whose opinion matters while screening out the rest. A simple Online Panel Sampling will help you determine who to include and exclude. In addition, it will help you avoid the risk of redundant surveys that results from targeting the wrong respondents.

Focus on Both Customers and Non-Customers

Focusing on your existing customers only may be a big mistake. This is because you already know more about these customers, and it will be easier to talk to them because there’s already an ongoing dialogue. Therefore, your initiative must also focus on non-customers as they help fill in a significant knowledge gap. It’s also a way of bringing your brand to the limelight, hence building your customer base.

Have the Right Balance

Besides having the right respondents, you must also get the right balance for the success of your survey. In this case, you should focus on demographic segmentation. This includes gender and age groups depending on your research requirements.

You should also strike the right balance between the length of interview and reward. You should put yourself in the respondent’s shoes to sidestep the respondent fatigue syndrome. This is by asking fewer but relevant questions so that the respondent can focus on giving genuine and helpful answers. Also, if you can have a reward for completing the survey, your respondents will be more motivated.

Use Email Campaigns

As a good business owner, you’re likely to have a list of contacts that have signed up to receive emails from your company. This provides the perfect opportunity to send the surveys to them. You must ensure that anyone receiving the survey represents the whole population you want to study. For instance, you should seek information from customers who have been to your business or organization over a longer period. This way, you’ll not skew the survey results toward the most recent experiences.

Minimize Open-Answered Questions

When working on online market research, you have a good understanding of the issues at hand. However, too many open-ended questions will make it challenging to identify the range of potential answers. That’s why you should focus on questions where respondents can give answers that are easy to analyze and sift through.

Randomize Lists

You can work with an Online Panel company to structure questions that identify valid preferences. These companies often work with advanced online survey software that randomizes your list to avoid bias in the answers. This is by having a good list of questions that respondents can go through and give honest opinions.

Use Reputable Online Panel Providers

You must ensure that your panel is up-to-date to reach the right respondents for your market research. You can achieve this by working with reputable Online Panel Companies like Slice MR. These companies are available online and can provide you with profiles of respondents who have completed similar surveys. The audience will be actively ready to partake in the online survey, helping you obtain data in real time.

Build On What You Know

The internet provides so much information that it helps you build a certain level of intelligence. In this case, you’ll want all questions to count, so do seek answers for things you already know or can find the information online. But instead, skip the basics and integrate questions that can help you with successful market research.

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