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Slice MR is a market research services firm that helps leading researchers, agencies and consultants access the perspective of hard-to-reach b2b, niche consumer, and healthcare audiences through online, quantitative, data collection.

Slice MR is a research services firm grounded in solving problems and adding value. Our consultative mindset, well-honed experience, and responsive approach helps our partners deliver confidently, analyze insightfully, and grow their business consistently.

Numerous people representing different points and opinions, and Slice MR seeks to

Online Panels

Leverage Our Expertise to Reach Your Target Audience

We’re a full-service market research and survey panel company that works closely with our clients to determine their unique research needs. We offer customized solutions tailored to the right audience to meet the specific requirements of each client. Our proprietary online panels and API connectivity provide access to a wide range of international consumers, B2B, and healthcare audiences. These respondents participate in paid surveys that can be programmed by you or by us. From questionnaire design to data analysis, we provide end-to-end services that are designed to simplify the research process and deliver high-quality results.

Core Offerings

Full-Service Suite

Whether you aim to analyze market trends, test product concepts, or collect data from customers, we’re the ultimate solution to your quantitative research requirements. Slice MR is one of the premier survey panel providers and market research partners that you can rely on for your survey research needs. We offer a variety of services to make the most of your quantitative data collection engagement.

Questionnaire Optimization

Survey Programming

Data Collection

Statistical Analysis Reports

Slice MR team members use innovative survey tools, methods, and techniques to maximize data collection engagement.

We Provide Value At Every Step of the Way

Why Choose Us

Our Audience Reach

As a premium sample provider, we source study participants that other firms cannot. Through our extensive network and databases, we’re able to source niche consumer, B2B, and healthcare audiences spanning over 30 countries. Our unique recruitment approach and robust security protocols are why we supply the world’s best survey participants.

Unparalleled Quality

We work closely with our clients to understand and pinpoint the exact demographic and psychographic profiles they need. We curate a highly targeted pool of qualified candidates. We help our clients improve their surveys and work tirelessly to ensure success while we’re in field.

Easy to Work With

We understand the challenges researchers face. We’ve built a company centered around workflows that make our clients’ lives easier. We have a track record of collaboration and a proven willingness to share proactive perspectives that allow us to help our clients deliver insights that matter.

Risk Mitigation

At Slice MR, our team recognizes the importance of helping our partners win, build, and maintain their client relationships. We’re clear, responsive, and only make promises that we can keep. Transparency, speed, industry knowledge, and coverage availability are a few of our best traits.